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الخميس، 24 يناير 2013

Cold Updates frm New Hampshire, Stay Warm !!!

Good Day !!! Cold in NH Today, however wanted to update what's happening withb Your Blogs +++
Social Networks have grown steadily, alowing the freeflow o information +++ .  Your Regional blogs
has been designed easier for you to re-tweet & inform others of the sight .
Twitter has grown & is ...

Twitter Opening Office In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mili Ponceat Social Media Marketing Made Easy- 5 days ago
[image: image]***Twitter has announced that the company is building an office in Sao Paulo, the Brazilian city in which Facebook has based its South American branch.***Sao Paulo, which is the eighth most populous city in the world, is enjoying a internet boom along with the rest of Brazil, the country where Twitter has its second largest membership base after the US, counting 40 million users."We believe our new office in Brazil will allow us to get closer to the users and show the value of our platform," Facebook’s Brazilian company manager, Guilherme Ribenboim, told Reuters i...more »
SixBoston Born on Twitter Too !!!

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