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الخميس، 15 ديسمبر 2011

Bright idea !!! / another days research !!!/http://asianmelody's.com

see asian melody on blogger ...


Travel has become convenient for all to enjoy the Worlds offerings.  If one is able to travel, they should, it

will be an experience of a lifetime.  As others have enjoyed the far reaches of unknown terratories, they are

able to tell others of their journeys.  Indoneshia is unknown to many, including myself, however I believe

it is worthwhile to research, learning more of the cultural activities & beliefs.


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Many people have bright ideas,  This occurs often when they are moving forward within the scope of an

organization focus.  Personally, for myself, Iam intreague by helping others within this vast Dynamic, called

 the internet.  Whazt I've created, is a Web of Dreams for many to travel within , educating themself, guiding

others with travel, knowlege, happenings, etc ...  Enjoy your viwing !!!




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  1. Did You Know
    sharks are in the waters, be carefull jan feb march these months generally have more contacts
    since the food in scarce for sharks these months..

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    its just the simple things that can bring a Family together, make a kite / wsw son / daughter to fly when you go on vacation . . .
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