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السبت، 22 ديسمبر 2012

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A small note :  as I walked to my Public Liabrary, noticed so many bottle & cigarette butts thrown on the streets & sidewalks.  I placed the plastic Bottles in the recycle bins on the street.  As a Community, we must utilize the correct areas for trash/ recyclebles.  I look forward to researching , what the effect is on the filter's in cigarettes have to our water supply ?  In European areas, people seam to have more respect of their country, I feel, as we should Too.
                                              THIS IS MY PERSONAL FEELING,
                                                Notify your state agencies, maybe we should put the cash redemption back in place on Bottle's & cigarrette but redemption Tax , the area would be cleaner !!!  This is just  Food for thought, maybe a Cig filter redemption tax added to these other items, I think a tax is added by states, maybe we should pick up the filter butts by the bags & get a redemption at our local facilities ???   Wait isn't Taxes received for Cig's , so maybe Redemption centers located at state office's ??? We have to begin Tackling these issue's, Police officers should ticket would be butt droppers with a $50.00 fine...mmmm  tax revenue for Towns ???

Maybe with funds received, we could have our local communities form clean up crews for your communities ,  this is just an idea, we All need to begin To take care of our Communities, say hello to your Neighbor's ...   It's Just The little Things That Matter !!!

                                                                                          HAPPY HOLIDAY'S
                                                                          From Regional blogger NH To Your Family !!!


                               ------As A Global Community, we must Care for Our Earth !!! -------

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